Hip Pouces for Active People

I love this weather for getting outside to participate in my favorite activities!  Hip Pouches are one of my favorite item since they free up my hands and arms while walking, biking, or even just shopping!

Hands Free Living    

  1. Dog walking
  2. Hiking through fall colors
  3. Biking with family or organization
  4. Healthy Walking Exercise 
  5. Around the house to keep cell phone handy when you don't have pockets in those slim pants
  6. Sporting events you can keep your ID, cash, and cell phone handy

You can probably tell I am a big fan of autumn and all the things that we can do while the weather is so nice!   I also believe that if there is a way to so something easily and efficiently!

Almost all of my items have a 'usability' aspect.  I like style but hate to plunk down my hard earned money without seeing the usability of it.  

Some other item I have available are:


  • Cell phone pouch 
  • Zipper wristlet pouches
  • Crossbody purses 

Grey and Pink waist pouch, hip pouch

Ladybug waist pouch, hip pocket, red and grey

Enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts!